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This community is only for the fans of Michelle Rodriguez. You can post your graphics here if you'd like because i'd like to keep this community alive. It won't just be a place to ask for things and then leave. You can post anything Michelle related. We are an all request community meaning you can request just about anything as long as it's for LJ. (Backgrounds, headers, icons, Layouts, graphics, pictures, etc)


Stay on topic.
NO X-POSTING when requesting.
Fill out the request forms for everything you request.
Do not give out your password.
Do not answer requests unless i have assigned them to you.
Do not post if you are not a member.

Okay. Those are just some basic things i'll be looking out for. If you break these rules i will warn you. If you're just plain rude and abnoxious i will not hesitate to ban you :)

When Requesting a Layout

1. Post the pictures you want along with the application. If you do not have a picture and would like me to find one for you please state so.

2. When i fill a request these are the steps i take in order to get you your layout without the whole password mongering nonsense:

a) i will comment on your post saying i'll do the layout.
b) i will e-mail you the account to which i'll be practicing and previewing the layout.
c) when it is to your liking you should comment on that account and i will add you as a temp maintainer so you can copy and paste the codes into your own account. You will then comment when you have all the overrides and have uploaded all images to your own server. If you do not comment within 48 hours of the first comment i will take you off the list and delete all graphics from my server. :)

If you're still confused i'm sorry. Feel free to post in the community with any ?'s or concerns. The accounts i will be working from are abdoned and open communities so there will be no need to know the passwords.


Since i am just getting started there are no applications or forms to fill out. Please feel free to make your request as you think it will make sense to me. Just be sure to include the style you want and if possible an example along with the images you'd like used.

AIM: xx Shes Sorry xx

Last but not least:
Please keep in mind that this is a fans only community. Make sure all entries are selected as "friends Only" you can find this under more options when posting. If you do not follow this rule you will be instructed to do so. Failure to edit your entry will result in it being deleted and ignored. I hope you can respect the reasoning behind this rule. Thanks for your cooperation &Hearts; hawtxjuly